Sledding in St. Moritz

Thrills and spills at every turn

Engadin St. Moritz boasts a variety of sled runs, both large and small. The mother of them all starts at Muottas Muragl. Anyone who takes the 20-minute train ride to the top is rewarded with Preda-Bergün – Switzerland’s most famous winter rollercoaster.

As soon as the temperature starts to drop and the first snow has fallen, mountain passes and hiking trails turn into inviting snow-white tracks that are just perfect for sledding. In addition to shorter runs and easy routes for a carefree slip and slide, the Engadin St. Moritz region also has six sled runs that are anything but run-of-the-mill. The most famous of all starts at Muottas Muragl, has 20 corners and covers 4.2 km as it winds its way towards the valley. Sleds can be hired directly from the valley station and the starting point can be easily reached aboard the Muottas Muragl funicular railway. Depending on the snow conditions and visibility, the railway is open daily between 9:30 am and 4 pm from December until March. It is not suitable for small children.

Close by: the Preda-Bergün sled run

Switzerland’s most famous sled run is just around the corner: a 20-minute train ride is all it takes to reach the top of the run from Preda to Bergün. The 6 km route follows the Albula railway line, which was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2008. A permanent snow-making machine ensures the sled run can be used throughout the entire winter. Around 2,000 rental sleds are kept at the Preda mountain railway station and can be returned afterwards in Bergün.

All sled runs in the Upper Engadin and current conditions are detailed here:

Sledding in St. Moritz
It doesn’t get any better than this: the Muottas Muragl sled run is 4.2 km long and has 20 corners.