Ice skating in St. Moritz

GLATSCHIN – the ice dream in the midst of St. Moritz Bad

Starting in winter 2017/18, St. Moritz will have one more attraction. From December to March, the ice park «GLATSCHIN» on Plazza Rosatsch in St. Moritz Bad, featuring an iced path meandering along market stands, is bound to exude a cheery winter mood.

St. Moritz has a proud tradition of figure skating that dates back over 100 years. Back then, renowned skating instructors worked their magic on almost twenty ice rinks. The town often held skating festivals of the highest order, with fabulous and technically skilled participants in lavish costumes. Unforgotten are also the figure skating events at the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948.

«GLATSCHIN» – ice rink, market stands, «gastro village» and Christmas fair 
Today almost every village in the Upper Engadin boasts some kind of ice skating rink during the winter months. In St. Moritz above all Ludains ice arena and the ice rinks at the five-star hotels. As of December 2017 the «GLATSCHIN» rink in St. Moritz Bad will also offer plenty of ice-skating fun. It will be open Wednesdays to Sundays from December until March, with skate rental facilities. Visitors can also enjoy the various market stands selling Christmas gifts and decorations as well as local handicrafts.

The «gastro village» culinary offering includes a grill stand, Engadine specialities, confectionery, mulled wine and punch, as well as many other goodies. A truly festive atmosphere will be ensured by the Christmas fair from December 6 to the beginning of January. GLATSCHIN ice rink, open from 4 to 8.30 pm, will also be an ideal aprés-ski rendezvous and launching pad into the St. Moritz nightlife!

NEW: Every wednesday from 2 pm: free entry for kids!

«GLATSCHIN» ice rink with market stands, «gastro village» and Christmas fair.
Other ice-skating possibilities in St. Moritz

Ludains ice arena

Ludains ice arena in St. Moritz Bad is an ice skating rink where visitors can skate in the open air from mid-July until mid-April. Opening times vary according to season, generally with night opening on Wednesdays from 8 to 10 pm. Skates can be rented at the at the rink, and skating lessons are available. This rink can also be booked for special events or ice hockey matches. Ludains ice arena telephone no.: +41 81 833 50 30. Contact for rink reservations: Gabriela Egli, Tel.+41 81 836 30 62,

Hotel ice rinks 

Some five-star hotels in St. Moritz – for example the Suvretta House or Badrutt's Palace – have private rinks for their guests. The Kulm Park hotel rink, however, is open to day visitors as well. It is situated immediately in front of the historic ice pavilion dating back to 1905. This is now the Kulm Country Club, with a public restaurant and terrace, bar-lounge and skate rentals. Ice skating could hardly be more stylish!


Skating on black ice

When the first lakes freeze over in December before the first snowfall, the rare opportunity arises to go skating on «black ice». The first ones to freeze over are usually the smaller lakes and Lago Bianco on the Bernina pass. On the Lake of St. Moritz, a black ice stretch is maintained even after snowfall, depending on weather conditions. But take care: until these lakes are officially opened for skating, you venture on to the ice at your own risk! Please ask St. Moritz Tourist Information first about the ice conditions. (photo: