Curling in St. Moritz

Chess on ice

St. Moritz is a curling pioneer: it was here that the first curling tournament was held on mainland Europe. Today, numerous curling clubs pay homage to this tradition.

It must have been one of the first Scottish winter visitors who sent St. Moritz tourism pioneer Johannes Badrutt four pairs of curling stones. Badrutt was looking for alternative winter activities for his hotel guests and immediately ordered the production of enough stones so that play could commence in 1880. It was curling’s continental première.

Today Engadin continues to be an outstanding location for both training and competitions. There’s a guarantee of ice on the outdoor rinks and the surfaces are wonderfully maintained by several curling clubs. If you’re keen to try your hand at this team sport, you can take part in an introductory group session and experience the spirit of curling.

The local tourist information centres will provide you with details regarding ice rink opening hours, rental shops, curling and Bavarian curling courses, as well as rink rental. More information about places to play curling in Engadin and current rink conditions are available at

Curling in St. Moritz
The St. Moritz "Al Parc" curling centre near the Kulm Hotel has a total of 10 curling rinks.