Windsurfing & kitesurfing in Engadin St. Moritz

"My home away from home"

Windsurfing legend Björn Dunkerbeck is a big fan of Lake Silvaplana. The mountains, the clean air and above all the excellent side-onshore wind make this location particularly close to his heart.

In summer, Lake St. Moritz is taken over by sailors and stand-up paddleboarders. Windsurfers and kitesurfers are more at home on nearby Lake Silvaplana, some 10 minutes away. And for good reason: Lake Silvaplana has made a name for itself all over the world as a kitesurfing hot spot, thanks to its excellent infrastructure, kiter beach and the reliably strong Maloja wind. The kitesurfers themselves can also take credit for this great reputation: there are not many other lakes where you’ll find such friendly and helpful people.

Björn Dunkerbeck knows where it’s at

Windsurfing legend Björn Dunkerbeck definitely appreciates Lake Silvaplana’s friendly vibe. The Danish athlete has made the lake his home away from home. In 2007 he even registered Silvaplana as his official place of residence. Up here, Björn can do all his altitude training: on a surfboard and mountain bike in summer, and on a snowboard in winter. In addition to the Maloja wind, he also loves the unique natural environment and the lake’s excellent infrastructure – such as the nearby camp sites, kitesurfing school and the Mulets Sports Centre and Windsurfing Centre.

Racing along at wind speeds of 4 to 5

The ideal weather conditions on Lake Silvaplana are sunny skies with flat pressure distribution or a south to south-westerly current. A thermal wind blows from the south-west from around 11:00 am until sunset – usually at a wind speed of 4 or 5. With a stronger south-westerly current, the wind can be even stronger and starts quite early (even if it’s overcast). Strong northerly winds are not ideal for Lake Silvaplana.

Lake Silvaplana has achieved cult status among wind and kitesurfers.
A day at Lake Silvaplana
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