Mountainbiking in Engadin St. Moritz

Ride. Sleep. Repeat.

The Engadin bike scene is bustling: new bike trails are being built, hotels are increasingly targeting bikers, bike schools are promoting attractive offers, and bike events are attracting an international crowd. In short, an active Engadine biking community is developing in one of the most beautiful biking areas ever.

Free-flowing or ridden with obstacles, in alpine terrain or along the lakes in the plane. Whether you're looking for the best singletrack, the most breathtaking descent, or the most spectacular tour, the experts, who know the valley inside out, will have something in store for you; during the biking season, local biking schools many organised tours. Cyclist hotels and the mountain cableways will cater for your comfort; the cableway will take you and your bike up to the Piz Nair at an altitude of 3,000 metres.

Corviglia, the biker hotspot

Just to get the record straight: the Upper Engadine has plenty of trails to suit every skill level. Corviglia is at the heart of it – St. Moritz's signature mountain has become the place to be for bikers. The flow trails – mountain biking roller coasters with banked curves, bumps and jumps – have done their bit to contribute to it. The «Foppettas Flow Trail» and the «Olympia Trail», both built in recent years, are joining the ranks of the original «Corviglia Flow Trail», whose fame reaches beyond Switzerland's borders. All three of them are ideal for families, being suitable for children aged 12 or up. Cycling the St. Moritz railway tour is a must do for endurance riders; the tour will take you along the many singletracks on Corviglia and Piz Nair, providing a formidable descent totalling 6,400 vertical meters. Almost de rigueur for many mountain bikers is a break for some food and drinks at the Alto Bar next to the Chantarella cableway station on your way up to Corviglia. Luis Navarro and Laura Peka and their team will tingle your taste buds with succulent burgers and homemade chorizos.

Unbeatable classic routes

St. Moritz and the Engadine have much more to offer than flow trails and railway tours. Classics such as the «Bernina Express» to Poschiavo, the «Suvretta Loop» into the Val Bever or the «Trais Flours Tour» to Celerina sound like a well-tuned Shimano XTR derailleur to the ears of any mountain biker. The Upper Engadin Lake Route, meanwhile, provides a perfect alternative with a fantastic view. You can opt between riding along the water's edge or high above the lakes on exhilarating singletracks, taking detours to neighbouring valleys, such as the Val Fex. The tour, hence, appeals to laid-back cyclists and daredevils alike.

Great for mountain bikers: «Mountain railways included»

With the «mountain railways included» package, a number of Engadine hotels offer their guests staying two nights or more free travel on up to 13 railways, including free bike transport on Corviglia, St. Moritz's local mountain. That's the perfect start to a great cycling holiday in one of Switzerland's most attractive biking regions. And, we're not saying that just to promote our biking region, but because, we too are avid mountain bikers. 

Argentine grill masters at work: Luis Navarro and Laura Peka from the Alto Bar at Chantarella.
Good to know

Corviglia Sunset Flow

When the evening sun turns the mountaintops into pillars of fire, it is time to ride those bikes! Every other Friday, the Flow Trails on Corviglia are open in the evening, exclusively for all those who haven't had enough yet or those who only make it on the bike in the evening. Mountain bikers heading for their evening fun on two wheels can take the St. Moritz village–Chantarella–Corviglia funicular up to Corviglia; the funicular runs until 8 PM, or 9 PM on some days. Further information and dates:

Piz Nair Sunrise – be the first one up

An Engadin sunrise is simply spectacular. The special offer «Piz Nair Sunrise» provides an opportunity to witness this amazing spectacle at over 3,000 metres. The mountain cableway will take you to the top of Piz Nair even before dawn breaks. As the sun rises over the horizon, a sumptuous breakfast is served in the restaurant at the summit. This special ticket is valid the entire day and includes bike transportation. Further information and dates:

«Currently» – new magazine

Featuring gripping stories and captivating images, the magazine «Currently» (only available in German), first published in 2017 by native photographer Filip Zuan, provides a snapshot of the Engadine biking community. «Currently» is a complimentary magazine. You can pick up your copy at the St. Moritz tourist office in St. Moritz Dorf or order it online at the St. Moritz's online shop.

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