Hiking in Engadin St. Moritz

Mountains as far as the eye can see

In and around St. Moritz, mountain railways provide convenient access to three 3,000 metre giants: the Piz Nair, the Corvatsch and the Diavolezza. Add to that Corviglia, St. Moritz’s local mountain, and the spectacular views from Muottas Muragl. But there are also plenty of great hiking options down in the valley.

St. Moritz visitors can head up Corviglia straight from the centre of town on the Chantarella funicular railway, or on the Signal cable car from St. Moritz Bad. From Corviglia station, you can then take the Piz Nair cable car up the mountain of the same name (3,057 m a.s.l.). The view from the panorama restaurant across St. Moritz, the Upper Engadin lake district and the Alpine ranges is simply out of this world. On your way to Piz Nair, you’ll also get a glimpse of the start of the world’s steepest ski run: the «Free Fall». But we’re not here to ski. There are numerous hiking trails throughout Corviglia/Piz Nair. Take a look at our interactive hiking map.

Muottas Muragl, Diavolezza and Corvatsch

There are more hiking trails and absolutely fantastic views – and we don’t use that word lightly – on Muottas Muragl and Diavolezza. The quaint Muottas-Muragl railway climbs to 2,453 metres above sea level, where visitors are treated to the best view of the Upper Engadin lake district. No wonder so many famous poets, philosophers and painters were inspired by this lofty location. We’d even go so far as to say that if a Bollywood film were ever filmed in Engadin, the two main characters would definitely kiss on Muottas Muragl in the final scene. Or on Diavolezza, with its view of the Bernina massif and the eternal ice of the Morteratsch glacier. Diavolezza’s scenery is high Alpine at its best. It boasts eight mountain peaks that soar to around the 4,000 metre mark. It’s a feast for the eyes for nature lovers and a real hot spot for rock climbers and Alpine hikers. The highest point in the Upper Engadin that you could reach in your slippers is the Corvatsch mountain railway station at 3,303 m a.s.l. From here, visitors enjoy an impressive view of glaciers and lakes that are just begging to be explored. As you can see, you’re not likely to get bored hiking in the Upper Engadin.

Good to know

Mountain railways included

The best thing about hiking: it won’t cost you a penny. When you stay for two nights or more in one of the over 90 hotels in the Engadin St. Moritz region , you can take advantage of the «mountain railways included» package for the duration of your stay. A large number of hotels also offer their guests free use of public transport.


Swiss National Park

In St. Moritz, untouched nature is practically on your doorstep. Just a 30-minute drive away, to be precise. The Swiss National Park in Zernez is a nature reserve, which means it is completely protected against human influences and intervention. All the plant and animal species here are left alone to develop naturally. This unspoilt reserve covers an impressive 170 square kilometres.


Mountaineering in Engadin St. Moritz
Mountaineers and adventurers have always been drawn to the Bernina massif.

Glaciers & ice

In the Engadin, many glaciers cover an area of 40 square kilometres (15 square miles) ‒ six percent of the Upper Engadin ‒ clustered around the highest peaks in the eastern Alps. Undisputedly ranking in first place is the Morteratsch Glacier, at around seven kilometres (4.3 miles) the longest in the Engadin. About 160 years ago it reached almost to where Morteratsch railway station stands today. Yet other glaciers in the region, bearing such melodious names as Roseg, Tschierva, Sella and Pers, offer an equally imposing natural spectacle.


Mountain restaurants

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