Fishing in St. Moritz

The good life

Dirty rubber boots, work trousers, an old green military jacket and over 60: the old fisherman stereotype is a thing of the past. These days anglers wear jeans, they’re young, savvy, in tune with nature and even have women among their ranks.

"We promote understanding and appreciation of nature in all its beauty and complexity. Our fascination with nature keeps bringing us back to the rivers and lakes. Fly fishing has totally transformed the way we perceive life along the waterways. It is the foundation of our passion for nature and the art of fishing."

These words from Fly Fishing St. Moritz say it all: these days fishing is not just about catching fish. Previously, a good day on the water could be measured in kilos. Today it’s also about connecting with nature. About enjoying time by yourself or with friends. And the physical challenge of reeling in a catch. In short, fishing has become a way of life – and one which perfectly suits St. Moritz. After all, few other places combine nature and lifestyle to such brilliant effect. So it’s not surprising that the new, young and increasingly female generation of fishing enthusiasts feel so wonderfully at home here.


As day breaks, they’re already up and about. Silently they wait along the banks of the Engadin Alpine lakes and rivers, the early morning rays warming their skin. A fishing line sways gently through the air and decoys bob and twirl on the surface of the water like well-rehearsed ballet dancers. In Engadin, fly fishermen become one with nature, enjoying splendid fishing conditions thanks to the ideal altitude and combination of still and flowing water. The smaller, warmer lakes and ponds are favoured by schools of trout.

Plenty of great spots

Many people don’t know that Engadin is home to an abundance of fishing grounds and is considered one of the most attractive fishing regions in Europe. Even if you’re here for a long while, you’ll never have to head to the same spot twice. With a 15-day fishing licence, you can fish in all 460 lakes and rivers in the canton of Graubünden. The season starts in May and goes through until mid-September. Good luck!

Fishing in St. Moritz
Nature, quality time, skill and passion. For today’s generation of fishing enthusiasts, it’s about much more than just the catch.