Media photos St. Moritz

The rights of use for the St. Moritz images

Available Images which are provided by St. Moritz Tourism, may only be used for communication purposes in connection with St. Moritz or the Engadin St. Moritz region. The use of images of St. Moritz Tourism for any other purpose (in particular advertising, title images for brochures and the use for other than specified here) is prohibited, unless there is an particular written authorization. The use for advertising is in principle possible with the payments of royalties. The picture fee needs to be arranged directly with the photographer. Further, the following rules apply:

  • Each image obtained by St. Moritz Tourism and published must be marked with the byline «Photo: Photographer’s name» and «Source/Copyright: St. Moritz Tourism».
  • The photos may not be changed.
  • Any misuse of the images of St. Moritz Tourism has consequences under Art 61ff of the copyright law.

For more images of St. Moritz, please contact the media office of Engadin St. Moritz or St. Moritz Tourism.