Medical wellness in St. Moritz

Heilbad St. Moritz

The St. Moritz mineral springs, together with the Alpine moors and the Upper Engadin’s bracing climate, have made St. Moritz a beloved health spa destination for centuries.

Early on, qualified naturopaths such as Paracelsus and the Italian physician Malacrida lauded the miraculous healing properties of St. Moritz water. In the 19th and early 20th century, entire royal families made the journey to Engadin to benefit from its curative effects. This desire for relaxation, good health and physical and mental rejuvenation is no less compelling today.

The MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz is well-equipped to fulfil this desire. Unique worldwide, it offers holistic forms of therapy, long-lasting medical wellness and physiotherapy, vitalising carbonated mineral baths and superb relaxation for the body, mind and soul. In short, it unites the latest medical findings with the benefits of traditional spa culture. The renovated interiors of the former Heilbad building reflect the needs of contemporary spa guests. Add to this the centre’s holistic approach. An experienced team of doctors and therapists put together an individual health programme for each guest.

Forum Paracelsus St. Moritz

Traditional health spa

The history of the St. Moritz mineral springs is brought to life through a series of listening stations and touchscreens inside the lovingly restored Forum Paracelsus. A drinking fountain invites visitors to sample St. Moritz’s famous mineral water and in the heart of the museum you can even see the Mauritius collection well that dates back to the Bronze Age.

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